A long-time supervisor at Bitcoin.org claimed to be a victim of foul play on the site


Will Binns, one of Bitcoin.org’s supervisors, said he lost access to the site, claiming a violation may have occurred.

„Bitcoin.org, where many people also download the latest version of Bitcoin Core software, is now at risk of being compromised, if this hasn’t already happened,“ Binns said in a June 24 posting on Github.

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Bitcoin.org has been in transition
Bitcoin.org, a key point for Bitcoin (BTC) and education about the block chain, is believed to be an original product of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, the site has changed hands several times over the last decade since its creator left.

According to reports, Nakamoto handed over the management of the site to a group of people. A controversial anonymous character named Cobra has overseen the project for the past few years. He recently stated his plans for the progressive transfer of the project over the course of this year, as his commitment fades.

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Cobra left out Binns

Cobra „removed my access, took control of the site, as well as the code repositories,“ Binns said in his June 24 release. „I do not believe Cobra is the sole and rightful owner, nor does he have the right to do these things without just cause.

Cobra said it removed Binns from the operation because of inadequate work, Binns wrote, claiming these allegations are false. „This has been taken out of context, in an attempt to manipulate public opinion and infringe on my rights, along with the rights of others,“ Binns said. „I believe you are seeking to illegally transfer ownership of the site without due process, and this may be just the beginning.

Binns‘ posting seeks to gain community support around the recent events in an effort to take legal action, he said, adding that capital associated with the project has been safely delegated, although the website itself remains at risk.

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Greg Maxwell takes action
Greg Maxwell, long-time Bitcoin Trader developer and member of the crypto community, commented on the Binns release. „Your position appears to be an incorrect and inappropriate response to cobra-bitcoin, suggesting that he was considering not giving you unilateral control of Bitcoin.org,“ Maxwell said.

Maxwell added:


„In particular, no urgent handling is required because fundamentally nothing has changed: Cobra now maintains real control over the domain, as it has for years, long before your involvement, a fact about which you have not filed any complaints so far“.

Maxwell said he was contacted by Cobra on June 24, essentially clarifying that Binns does not own Bitcoin.org. According to reports, Cobra also said he feared that Binns would present itself as the owner and capable seller of the website, in part or in full.

At first glance, Maxwell said he saw those claims as a bit dramatic. Binns‘ response, however, changed Maxwell’s tone, which now seems to agree with Cobra’s fears.