OriginalMy will represent Estonia at world startups event

Founded by Brazilians but settled in Estonia, OriginalMy will represent the European country in a world event in Dubai

OriginalMy, a company founded by Brazilian Edilson Osório, will represent Estonia at a world startups event in Dubai.

The event, called the Annual Investment Meeting, is organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Arab Emirates and will bring together the most promising startups in the world to present their work and also participate in the global competition.

The event will take place from October 20 to 22 in Dubai. ⠀

„We are very happy to announce that we are the national winners in Estonia to participate and represent the country in the largest investor meeting in the world: the Annual Investment Meeting,“ said OriginalMy in its social networks.

„Brazilian“ but not national

Although OriginalMy is a „Brazilian“ startup, conceived in Brazil, founded by a Brazilian and with a wide performance in the country it is not a „national“ startup.

This is because the startup is registered in Estonia, one of the nations that has been embracing blockchain technology.

But it was not the innovation that attracted OriginalMy to Europe.

According to Osório, this was more because of the bureaucracy of the regulators.

When OrignalMy came into existence in 2015, national regulators had not yet understood Profit Revolution technology very well.

As a result, many companies that proposed solutions using the technology faced heavy scrutiny from regulators, forcing many to register outside Brazil.

„We had never thought before leaving Brazil because it is difficult, it is our homeland. But because of the bureaucracy and the difficulties with the regulators in understanding the business, for us it was extremely healthy,“ Osório said.

OriginalMy and election campaign

The lawyer and researcher in Electoral Law Diogo Rais, together with the lawyer specialist in digital elections and supporter Samara Castro, have closed a partnership with the startup OriginalMy.

This partnership resulted in the launch of the Electoral PAC or Proof of Electoral Content Authenticity solution.

With this solution the lawyers and campaign managers will be able to create proof of electoral content before giving publicity so that they have legal backing if they are victims of fake news, libel or defamation.

In addition, the solution allows the preservation of evidence already published on the web, including that shared via WhatsApp Web.

In this way, the company’s PACWeb solution, which is included in the package, has already been cited in court rulings as an economical and safe means to present evidence in court.

It is also a means that is in compliance with the new General Data Protection Act by not invading the privacy of the party when referring to evidence collected in WhatsApp.